Chapter BETWEEN Chapters - DREAMS


Stay in your boat. Have faith. And don't give up your dream. That's it. But if you've been running on the road for a long time, you can think that you know what your dream is, but maybe that dream is not your dream, maybe is just a social dream and not a natural dream. The man who knows everything thought it was very important to make that difference. He used to speak about these two kind of dreams: social dream and natural dream.

A social dream is when you dream about getting a goal in society, becoming somebody, getting something you think you want, something that you will get when you follow their rules, because if you follow their rules, society will give you your prize.

A natural dream is what you live when you follow your own rules and you are not influenced by anything on the road. You are just influenced by your nature, you are influenced by your heart. Everyone will hear different things from their hearts, everyone will be doing different things in their lives. But if you live your natural dream, you will feel peace inside you. If you live your natural dream, you will be authentic, you will be the one you have to be, you will have no doubts, you will be free, you will be yourself, and you will be happy. And that's what everybody wants, to be happy. Lay on the grass and don't think too much, feeling no worries because you know that you are doing what you have to do. That feeling of peace is what everybody dreams of, that feeling good is what everybody dreams of, because our nature is feeling good, that's why we are here. And there are many different ways to get it, because a natural dream can have many different shapes, because there are many different kinds of human beings. Because we all want the same essence with a different shape. Because we are all different but we are all the same.