This is a short story that the man who knows everything wanted to tell to the children.

  • One million giants were living once in this world. They worked very hard to create this nature. They created the air, the oceans, the trees, the flowers... and everyone of the animals you can see, even the humans. When they finished they were so tired that they went to sleep. That's how the mountains were created. They are the mountains. And they are still sleeping. But they are gonna wake up very soon, and probably they are gonna be very upset when they see what we have done to the earth. They already feel it, their souls know it, that's why they try to scare us with earthquakes, sometimes hard rains, sometimes no rain for ages, violent winds or giant waves. They try to give us lessons but nobody wants to learn. The day when the giants wake up is coming soon, the mountains will rise up, the giants will walk again and nobody knows what's gonna happen.
  • Not even you know what is gonna happen?
  • I don't know but I bet they are gonna have to fix the earth, because giants have a big heart.

The children explained this story to their parents. Their parents went to speak to the man who knows everything. They wanted to know why he was telling lies about the creation of the world to their children.

  • That was a story for children, nothing else. The truth is what that story makes them feel. The truth is the message of the story and not its words. That story makes children feel respect for nature and love for the earth. There's nothing wrong there. It's a story for children, like many others you have on the road. Although you believe they are for adults. Although you believe they are the truth. Although you believe more in their words than in their message. Although you believe more in their forms than in their essence.