Chapter BETWEEN Chapters - SILENCE


After seven songs, the man who knows everything needed a rest. His voice was really tired. He knew that it was the right time to stop otherwise he was gonna break. So, he had a break. He still wanted to change the world, but he knew this break was very necessary to let him do what he had to do.

The next days nobody could listen to his voice. Neither singing, neither speaking. Some people came to ask him what was going on, but he didn't answer, he was resting his voice, he knew that the less he used it, the sooner he could sing again. And that's what he wanted to do. All around the natural world it was said that “Silence” was his new song.

It lasted the time it had to last. And during that time no one came out from the road. And during that time something happened, the fires started to grow. The silence song was like oxygen between songs. And the fire needs oxygen to grow. That's why all the lies were burning stronger, because silence is as important as music, because there would be no music without silence and there would be no silence without music. Silence is part of life, although somebody thinks that it is a big lie.

Somebody was running on the road, and the light from the fires made him stop. That somebody came out from the road. He was a fireman. And he knew those fires were not good at all. He talked to some of their owners.

  • Please, put the fires out, this situation is too dangerous.
  • Why? I'm burning what I don't need in my life, all those ideas that are not really me. Lies that confused me. Why is it dangerous?
  • What are you talking about?
  • Maybe you are scared to find out who you are and who you are not. Maybe you are scared to know the truth. Maybe that's why you've been running all your life.

Those words didn't mean anything to the fireman, so he didn't really care about them. But then he found something horrible around, that was the silence. That peace and quietness was so hard for him to handle. He decided to go back to the road, where the silence was noise and the noise was the silence and everything made sense for him. It was stupid just being there in nature, doing nothing.

When he turned round to go back, there was a tiny fire in front of his eyes. And then he felt something strange, something different inside: although he was a fireman, he didn't want to put it out.

He didn't understand that situation. His life was about putting fires out and now he didn't want to. That was too strange, he didn't like that, he didn't like changes, and he didn't like that silence. He decided to leave that strange place where fires were something good.

One step. Just one step to get onto the road. That was the right moment when the silence turned into music again. “Light a fire with no wood, use your lessons and your boots...” somebody was singing those words, that together with a melody did mean something for him. He stopped his last step. And decided to listen to the music.

The man who knows everything was singing again, and everything was perfect.