Chapter BETWEEN Chapters - THE TRUTH


  • So, what is the truth? - asked the princess.
  • Truth is what happens when you stop thinking. Because the truth is not something to understand. The truth is something to feel. And when you stop thinking you'll start feeling, and then you'll realise that things are what they make you feel, and not what they make you think. And when something makes you feel good, that something is truth. When something makes you feel peace, that something is truth. When something makes you feel balance, that something is truth. And you'll find those feelings in the beautiful things. Because they are full of beauty, they are full of truth. Because truth is beauty. Because truth is what makes you feel good. Because that's what beauty makes to you. Truth is what happens when you turn up your face and look at the stars, you just need to live the moment, because there's so much beauty that there's no need to think, you are happy, you don't need anything else, you are in tune with the truth, you are feeling the beauty, and those are your moments of truth, pure moments. Because you will be feeling good, and that's the reason why you are here.
  • I feel good by your side, you must be very beautiful...
  • I am beautiful because everybody is.
  • Not everybody is.
  • Truth is inside everyone of us. That's why everybody is beautiful. The thing is that everybody thinks too much, and sometimes it's hard to find that beauty. Because they are not just full of beauty, they are not just full of truth, they are full of lies too. Those interferences don't let them be themselves, love cannot flow properly, their connection with nature is weak, their connection with truth is weak. They are just getting older. They are not as beautiful as they could be. Although if you want to, you'll always find beauty in anybody.
  • But how can you do that?
  • Because if you can see the lies, you can see the truth.