Chapter EIGHT


Everybody had the same question for the man who knows everything.

  • Why have you been in silence for so long?

"Your body is your vehicle to make your dream come true, and it is your duty to protect it. You have to listen to your body like you listen to music. That's why I was doing what I was doing. That's why I was giving my body some rest before carrying on". That was his answer, and that was perfect, but there is something else that must be explained in here:

Not a long time ago, the man who knows everything didn't know everything, and he didn't know the answer he had just given. Not a long time ago, he sang too much, and he broke his voice. He could not sing at all, and he could not speak at all. He could not say what he wanted to say. He could not sing what he wanted to sing. He could not do what he loved. He could not be himself. And this situation had been lasting all the winter. He had really crashed. And everything was dark for him. He wanted to ask something to his grandfather, so he wrote it down in his notebook:

  • What is the reason to live if you cannot do what you love?
  • There is none. - answered his grandfather
  • I cannot sing anymore, and singing used to be my dream, but now, it's my nightmare.
  • Then you have no reason to live, it's true. But why are you still alive?
  • To suffer probably.
  • It makes no sense, life is a gift my son, not a torture. Maybe your reason to live is still alive. Maybe this is just a break. Maybe your body is too tired, maybe you are sick. And when you are sick, you are not you. And the sickness in your body makes your mind sick too. And you don't know what you used to know. And the sickness in your body makes your heart sick too. And you don't feel what you used to feel. In these moments my son, you are not you.
  • Who am I then?

His grandfather opened a beautiful book of stories. They were stories for children, although you could learn something from them if you wanted to. He found the perfect story for him, and before reading it he said:

  • I'm gonna read a story for you my son. I'm sure that when you understand it, your voice will be back.


This happened in a small village called Destiny. There lived a boy who was born with a brave destiny: he was gonna discover the ocean. The way to the ocean was as unknown as dangerous. Nobody had never been there before, maybe because there's only one thing they knew about it: just before the ocean there were three panthers waiting for you.
Since he was a boy, he didn't stop training to get stronger, he thought he had to be able to fight the panthers. When he became a man, his mother gave him a special gift. A golden necklace with an inscription on it: "NOTHING CAN BREAK YOUR NECKLACE, NOTHING CAN BREAK YOUR DESTINY". When he put it on, he felt safe, and ready to walk all the way to find the ocean. He walked for nights and days through the unknown land. Finally, one night, he heard the three panthers roaring, he knew his destiny was very close. The next day he walked faster, with no fear, longing to find them. That passion didn't let him see a hole on the ground and fell in. It was a very deep hole, dark, wet and muddy. Suddenly he realised he had lost his necklace. It had broken when he fell down and he couldn't find it. At that moment, everything was darkness, his faith had turned into fear. If his necklace had broken maybe his destiny too. But there was nothing else he could do but get out from the hole, he didn't know where north was anymore, but started walking again. Very soon, the surprise came: he had found the ocean. He was as happy as confused. What about the three panthers?
He decided to have a taste of the ocean, because all his body was covered in mud from the hole, so he could clean himself. He cleaned his body and then he cleaned his confusion: the mud from the hole didn't let the panthers smell him. The mud from the hole saved him and saved his destiny.

  • Can you see yourself in the story? – asked his grandfather.
  • The man who knows everything wrote again in his notebook- I was following my destiny too, doing what I had to do. And my voice is broken, like his necklace, although I think now my destiny is broken too.

Then his grandfather explained.

  • Your love for singing made you sing. And your love for singing made you break your voice. Everything is sad now, everything is dark. You don't know if you will be able to sing as you sang before. You are in the hole. But you are covering yourself in mud. You are covering yourself with something that you still need to know. Because always there's a reason for everything, even when you fall. There is always something to learn. There's always a new lesson waiting for you. And that lesson will save your destiny, that lesson will let you make your dream come true. Like the mood let the boy of the story find his ocean. You chose to sing that day, you chose to sing too much, and you broke your voice. That was your choice, so don't regret it, you had to live this time you are living. You haven't been wrong, and you haven't been right, you just have been yourself, doing what you love. And that's how it should be. That's perfect. I know this is not pleasure for you, but it shouldn't be pain either, it's just part of the way, and it's perfect.

Then his grandfather took his hand and put a folded paper in it. He closed his grandson's hand and said.

  • When you unfold your love again, when you unfold your voice again, you can unfold this paper. Here I wrote ten lessons I had to learn when I was as young as you are.

The darkness hadn't let the man who knows everything listen to his heart all winter, but the words from his grandfather really touched him. And that made him listen to his heart again. And his heart told him to go and find that lesson he needed to know, go, and find his voice, go, and make the darkness bright. Finally he was doing again what he had to do. So he left his home, he walked and walked. Far, far away. For nights and days. Finally he found a perfect tree. He climbed it and fell asleep.

That night, he became aware of how precious the gift of the voice was, maybe because he hadn't had his voice for so long. So he decided that he was just gonna use his voice to say beautiful things, to say good things, to speak the truth, to speak from the heart. To sing beautiful songs, to sing good songs, to sing the truth, to sing from the heart. The next morning, was a beautiful morning, and everything started.

And now here we are, half way through his dream. A dream that he was making true singing beautiful songs, singing good songs, singing the truth, singing from his heart. He was changing the world. And that's why he had stopped singing, because he wanted to carry on. And now his voice was ready for another good song. Actually, for a perfect song that had arrived at the right time. Perfect song was its name. A song that was gonna help those who follow a dream. Those who were gonna fall in the way. And those who were gonna rise up again and again. A song that would help him change the world. He sang that perfect song to everyone listening and for the rest of the world.


That song, was the beginning of a perfect world. Why? Because exactly half of the population of the world was living out on the road. And the other half were still running. That song just made the world start looking like a perfect world, where everybody should be doing what they love, nothing else. Simple. Easy. And perfect.