Chapter ELEVEN


Everybody on the road was running again. Everybody but one woman. A beautiful black woman who could not run anymore. The message from the rain made her stop and he could not run anymore. She stepped out of the road. She was crying. The tears from the sky got mixed with the tears from her eyes. She could feel for the first time that we are all the same, and she had always thought she was nobody. She had been a slave and nobody never cared about her.

The black woman sat down on her knees and could not stop crying. Her fire wanted to start but it just couldn't. Too many tears to light a fire. The truth is that she couldn't stop it. Her pain was too strong, and the new light was too bright. The man who knows everything sat down, and like the rain did, touched her shoulder. Then, he said:

  • All you need is love.
  • Love? I heard about it, but I don't really know what it is.
  • Love is the energy of life. Love is what makes everything work. Love is what fixes what is broken. Love is what balances what is not balanced. And love is all you need because you are sad, and you are sad because you are not feeling good, because you are not yourself, because you have no balance. And that has to change. You have to be yourself.
  • I'm nobody, that's what I am.
  • You are not less than anybody else and you know it. We are all the same and you know it, that's why you stopped, that's why you are here.
  • I don't really know why I'm here.
  • Maybe you needed a change, maybe you needed to be in a place where you've never been. Maybe the place you come from was too dark and maybe that's why now it's too hard to see the light. In front of you, you have a fire ready to burn. To burn all those things that you don't need, like the idea that you are nobody. Burning all those thoughts you'll start to know that you are somebody, you'll start to know yourself. Because you'll burn what you are not. But your tears cannot stop falling because the darkness in your life has been too dark. So, the first thing you need, is to stop your crying, the first thing you need, is love.
  • But who's gonna give me love?

Four simple chords appeared in his guitar. And looking at her eyes, like a question to be answered, like a missing piece of a puzzle, like a solution to a problem, like the light for the darkness, the song came. And it was Love. He sang it for her, and for the rest of the world.


The song was like a big hug for her. The man who knows everything was an angel in her eyes. And they stopped crying. And her fire, started burning.

  • Yes, I do need love - said the black woman.
  • Everybody needs love.
  • Why does everybody need love?
  • Love gives you balance when you don't have it. Love makes you feel good when you feel bad. And in the place you come from, everybody is pushing you, and when they push you it's hard to keep the balance, and it's easy to fall.
  • Is there no love on the road?
  • Yes, love is everywhere, even on the road. Love is what makes everybody survive there.
  • Then, I was dead.
  • Yes you were, you were anything but yourself, anything but what you love, and that is the opposite of life. But for some reason you came back to life, for some reason you are here.
  • What is here?
  • Here is the natural world. Here, there is nothing else but love.
  • Nothing else?
  • Love is all you need, because love is all you need to be yourself, and that's why you are here, to be what you love, to do what you love. So, love is the real knowledge of this life. It's the most important thing anybody can teach you.
  • How can anybody teach me love?
  • When somebody is showing his love for you, he will be teaching you love, because you will be learning how to love. Your heart will be receiving love, your heart will be growing, your heart will be strong, your heart will be beating very loud, and you will be able to listen to it, and that's what will lead you to the truth.

And for the first time the black woman felt the rhythm of life. Her heart was beating as it never had before.

  • What is it that I am feeling inside?
  • Your heart.
  • And what is my heart?
  • Your heart is your connection with nature. Your heart is the most natural part inside of you. And it is sending natural messages to you.
  • Messages?
  • Yes, your feelings, your intuition, and your instinct.
  • I don't know much about them.
  • The only thing you need to know is to separate the messages from your heart from the messages of your mind.
  • How can I do that?
  • As I told you, your heart is your connection with nature, while your mind is your connection with the road. Everything that comes from your heart is gonna be natural for you, it won't be hard or difficult, anything your heart tells you, you will do it naturally, flowing, even though it looks like an impossible thing to do, you will do it with pleasure, because life is a pleasure, and it won't be hard, because you can do it, because you are meant to do it. Everything that comes from your mind is gonna be anything but natural, you are gonna struggle, you are not gonna flow and the most important, you won't enjoy every step, because it's not natural, it's not what you are meant to do. Everything is gonna come naturally if you follow your heart, and if sometimes you think it's hard, it's because you think it is, your mind is saying it, not your heart.