Big. But not difficult. I would say easy. I would say natural. The lies will become ashes and you will become yourself. Because there is no room for lies in nature. Because it's natural to push the sickness away. Keep the truth. Keep what feels good. And grow as a human being. Grow towards what you are. Because it's natural to grow. Like an apple tree.

After seven more songs, music decided it was time for silence again. After seven more songs, the man who knows everything decided it was time for silence again. Those songs had been recorded in the best studio you can record a song: in everyone's heart. Everyone could play them whenever they wanted. And those songs would look after them. The man who knows everything had to look after his princess now. Because his princess was pregnant. And the time for the world to change was very close. Nine months to be exact. During that time no song came to the man who knows everything. Because it was a new life that was coming.

Then, it just happened. The world had changed for the man who knows everything. Forever. He had become a father. And his princess, a beautiful mother. They had a son together.

And that son, was me.
Hello, my name is Apple Tree.
I was a new life.
I was a new soul.
I was a new song.
He sang it for me and for the rest of the world.


As my father used to tell me, “clouds are not the bad guys, most days you will find them in the sky, that's where they live. As long as they are not between the sun and you, you'll see the light. And If you can't see it, I just hope the wind blows you the answer and take those clouds away.”

When I was born, that song became a hit in the natural world. Actually it did quite well on the road too, and made some people realise they had to stop thinking, flow and grow and get their fruits. The words and the melody had come together to my father. The words and the melody, were one. Reason and feeling were the same thing. You could understand it because you could feel it. When I was born, the sky was all blue.

There were no doubts, there were no clouds. The lies were on fire. My mother was burning them to make her baby warm. And my father was telling me a story which I couldn't understand, but it made me fall asleep.

There was a man in the jungle following his guide. That's what he had to do, because the guide knew the jungle so well, the guide knew the way. His name was Tun-tun. That was very easy for the man, he could never get lost. But the man had a map of the jungle, so he was following the guide but sometimes he checked the way he took on his map, just to check it. Later, he started to check on the map which one was going to be the next track. Later he had the map in his hands all the time, he even dared to discuss with the guide if it was the right way. Suddenly he was looking so much at the map that he had lost the guide. He could just follow the map, unfortunately he got lost in the jungle. Unfortunately nobody saw him again. In his language, Tun-tun, means heart.

When I fell asleep. My mother saw a small group of clouds in the sky. She talked to my father. There were new questions in her mind.

  • Where is the guide of the jungle going?
  • He is going home. He is taking you to find yourself. To meet your soul.
  • What is my soul?
  • Your soul is your essence, what you've always been, what you'll always be. Your soul is yourself.