Chapter FOUR


  • Fairies don't exist! – shouted a young man.

Children didn't like those words. So they were waiting for the man who knows everything to put that grumpy young man back to his place.

  • How do you know?
  • Because I have never seen them.
  • Well, that's because you can't see them, you have to listen to them.
  • Ok. Then, I have never listened to them.
  • Look at the road and see all the people running, that's where you come from, that's what you were doing, do you think you had time to listen to anything there?

The young man looked at the road, suddenly his boots started to smoke. They had been running for many years, so he took them off, just in time before they started burning. His fire had began. Then, he felt something strange under his feet, that was the ground, something fresh and soft, and then he felt something strange over his head, that was the shadow of a bird, a bird who was singing a beautiful melody. Then he realised that he had never had time to listen to anything like he was doing at that moment. He answered.

  • I don't know.
  • Then you don't know if fairies exist. You just believe they don't exist. But when you start to believe in yourself, you will believe in what you are listening to, and then you will believe in fairies. You've already started, that's why you are here, that's why your boots are burning.
  • So where are the fairies!?! - shouted a little boy

The young man sat down next to his burning boots and tried to listen to what the man who knows everything had to say:

  • Fairies are always around you. They whisper things to you, advice, ideas... and they sing you songs of freedom. They give you courage when you need it, and they take it away from you when it's not necessary. They are daughters of mother nature and they are in charge to create harmony in the world. Their mission is everything to be perfect and reach a balance in the world.
  • Do you mean that right now there are fairies flying around?
  • Yes
  • And how many of them!?
  • Well, there are three for everyone of you.
  • Do I have my own three fairies?
  • Yes
  • Do they have names?
  • Yes, they are called Feeling, Instinct and Intuition. And I'll tell you something, they are your best friends, the only ones you can always trust. Unluckily, humans don't believe in fairies, so they don't believe in themselves. When there's a fairy whispering about how beautiful it's gonna be when their dreams come true, they don't listen to. They turn their heads and just keep on running, following their fellows, they just do what everybody does, they don't want to take a risk, they don't want to be different, and they don't want to loose the little they have. They just resign themselves.
  • Why does it happen, are they deaf?
  • Kind of. There are lots of interferences between the fairies and them.
  • Interferences?
  • Yes, interferences are those things that don't let you listen to your fairies. Things like worries, beliefs, prejudices, rules and laws and plans. And your fear, that is the biggest interference.
  • Fear?
  • Yes, humans are really afraid. They are afraid to change, afraid to loose, afraid to win, afraid to be different, afraid to be happy...
  • Why are they afraid to be happy?
  • Because nobody taught them to be happy.
  • They could teach it at school then -suggested a little girl.
  • When nobody knows what happiness is, nobody can teach it.
  • Nobody!?
  • No, nobody... but the fairies. They are the only teachers for you. Your feelings, your instinct and your intuition will show you the way and you will learn what you need to learn
  • Am I gonna need to do exams?
  • Don't worry. Exams are meant to compare yourself with others, that's an idea from the road that very soon will burn in your fire, like your fear to be different and many other things.
  • But if humans don't listen to the fairies, there is no point for them to keep on singing.
  • They will never stop singing, because there's always hope for them. Everytime humans decide to turn their head and don't listen to the fairies, something happens. Something very interesting, a fact that makes them believe that balance will exist someday: There's a part of humans hearts, that feels sorrow, maybe it just lasts a few seconds, less than a snap, but at least it feels sorrow. So there is a possibility that humans will change someday and make balance exist in the world.
  • What do you mean with balance? -asked the young man.
  • Balance can just happen when everyone of us is doing exactly what we have to do. Like a big team where every member is doing the right thing. If every human would trust in the fairies' music, everything would flow because there would be no interferences, everything would be exactly as it has to be, and the world would be exactly as it has to be. But to have balance in the world there must be balance inside of you. Because you are in the world, and the world is in you.

The bird was still singing, and it was singing a beautiful melody. And the man who knows everything knew it. And he knew that the words would come to fly with that melody, and they came. And he knew that a new song was gonna be created, and it was. A song about the fairies, a song that can make people open their wings to fly instead of running. He sang it for the road and for the rest of the world.