Chapter NINE


And that night, the moon was a full moon, and some people, like the man who knows everything could not sleep. They decided to go for a walk. So they did, and they found the ocean. And sat down on the sandy beach. They looked at the moon, and that beauty was enough, they didn't need anything else. Then, the man who knows everything thought aloud.

  • There's also light in the darkness, there's also a sun in the night.

And one of them asked:

  • Is that the message of the moon?
  • Might be, yes, there's always light. And sometimes you cannot see it, but it is there. Sometimes when it's dark, there are too many clouds to see the moon, sometimes you cannot even see the stars. Sometimes, you just have to wait.
  • Wait?
  • Yes, just wait.
  • Wait for what?
  • Wait for the wind to blow and take those clouds away. Wait for the moon to shine over the ocean again, wait for the tide, to come in.

Then, the tide started to come in, but it didn't come alone, it brought a new song to the shore. The waves gave the natural rhythm to the man who knows everything, he could start to play. He played a song from the ocean for those who could not sleep and for the rest of the world.


  • Sometimes it's so hard to wait –said one of them.
  • Nobody likes waiting
  • Why is that?
  • Because nobody has patience.
  • And what is patience?
  • Patience is knowing that everything has it's natural timing to happen, it's a natural cycle. Like the tide, that sometimes comes in and sometimes goes out. It is just how nature works. It is how the balance is created, because if you are always having fun, there would be no fun. Because if the tide doesn't go out it would never come in.
  • And what if you wait and wait but the tide never comes in?
  • Only there is a reason to make that happen.
  • And what is it?
  • Fear.
  • Fear?
  • Yes, if you have fear you can break the natural cycle and maybe the tide never comes in. Because fear is the confirmation that you don't believe in yourself. And if you don't believe in yourself, you don't believe in your destiny, you don't believe in your dream, you don't believe in your nature, you don't believe in this nature. And you know you are part of nature, and you work in the same way. Furthermore, when fear is inside you, there is no room for faith.
  • Faith?
  • Yes,faith. The power that will let you do what you are meant to do. Thepower to make possible impossible things. Things that you just know. You don't need a reason to believe them. You just know them. Because faith doesn't need reasons, faith is the reason. The reason why you'll make your dream come true.
  • Can I have faith and fear at the same time?
  • If you have any fear, your faith is not real faith. So, there are two ways to live this life. One is with fear, the other one, with faith. It's up to you.
  • The choice looks very easy...
  • It is easy. But as I told you sometimes it's dark, sometimes the tide has gone out, and your voice cannot sing the songs you sang. But those are the times when you have the chance to show your faith. It's very easy to believe in your dream when everything is going fine. But when the tide is low it's the real time for you to believe that it's gonna come in again. When you are down, life is giving you a special time to prove your faith. A chance to prove if you believe in yourself or not. So don't be afraid my friend. Just believe. Stay in your boat, and have faith.