Chapter SEVEN


The sun rose up one more time. The shoemaker woke up one more time, and she opened her eyes one more time. She saw a beautiful day, where the sun was shining powerfully. She felt very happy, because sun makes you happy, something she hadn't felt for a long time. Suddenly somebody was standing between the sun and the shoemaker. That was the shape of the man who knows everything.

  • Thank you for your slippers, they gave me the notes and the words to make a real love song.
  • All your songs are about love, young artist. So just keep on playing them and you will find her, keep on playing them and you will change the world.
  • How do you know?
  • Because your songs made me move. And I am like everybody. So they can move everybody. Now I know.
  • Which one made you move?
  • That one where you're asking “don't you want to be free like a bird?”. I answered yes and I came out from the road.
  • And what did you feel then?
  • Sadness. Because I know I am not gonna live long and maybe it's too late to change.
  • It's never late to change.
  • Maybe.
  • Maybe? Then how do you explain that you look younger and happier than yesterday?
  • Well, I don't know about younger but I do feel happier, I think it is because of this beautiful day.
  • You are right.
  • Really?
  • You are talking about this beautiful day, and it's the sun that makes it beautiful, it's the natural light, the one that shines for you and will never stop to shine. You are starting your contact with nature, the contact with your nature, with the only truth that makes you warm and happy. That's what gives you energy to go on. Like your reason to live, your dream, and your reason to die.
  • These are beautiful words... but I still think maybe it's too late for me.
  • Listen, it's not too late because the reason why you are here will never change. Because the sun will always shine. And this is exactly what made you change today, that's why you look younger and happier. Just have a look in the mirror. You have started to feel the natural light. You have started to feel the truth. You are gonna know what's your dream. You are gonna know what's your destiny. And you are gonna know why you are here. You are gonna be part of all this.
  • Well, I think it's too soon for that.
  • See. Maybe it's too soon, but at least, it's not too late.

The old woman jumped like a little girl to give him a big hugh. Then, she came with these words:

  • Maybe there was no truth on the road...
  • There are lots of lights on the road, things that look like something true but they are not. They are just artificial lights. Those confused you, and made you think artificial was natural and natural was artificial.
  • I don't know if all what you are saying is true or just sounds true to me, your words sound like a another of your songs.

And one more time, the old woman was right. He realised those were the words for a new song. The melody had always been shining inside of him. And it was time to make it shine for everybody. Like the light of the sun. That's how a song about the sun was created. A song about the natural light. Another song to change the world. A song to shine over everyone. He sang it for the old woman, he sang it for the rest of the world.


Lots and lots and lots of people opened their eyes that day. Lots and lots and lots of people started to feel the natural light of the sun. Lots and lots and lots of people switched off the artificial lights. Lots and lots and lots of people saw the sun like something else than the sun. And lots an lots and lots of people woke up the next morning, for the first time.

The sun was becoming the thing that everybody loved. The thing that makes you feel good, the thing that everybody needs, and everybody appreciates. The sun, was shining more than ever.