Chapter SIX


The last song had pushed strongly the soul of an old woman. It pushed her out from the road to let her breath in the natural world. She had been a shoemaker all her life, because her mother had been a shoemaker all her life. And she had no dreams, because she had lived in a time where bombs were falling from the sky. Their noise didn't let her sleep, didn't let her dream. But she got out from he road. And her fire was burning. And what was the thing that lit her fire? The fear to be herself. Something she had never been.

She was ready to cry because most of her life had gone. But when she felt the warmth of her fire she started to feel better. She had feelings that she had never had before, and that was exciting for her, more exciting than her whole life.

She wanted to thank the man who sang that song. But she was tired, she had been running for ages. So she decided to wait till she recovered herself. Meanwhile she started sewing a gift for him. She was making a pair of slippers.

After a few moons and after a few suns, she felt ready to go and find that man. It was an easy thing to do, she just had to follow the sound of his music.

The man who knows everything was playing the guitar sitting on the window of his new tree house. He saw the old woman and invited her to come inside.

  • I made these slippers for you. Shoes are the only thing I can do. That's my way to say thank you for these songs that made me change. They will warm up your feet on the cold nights.
  • Thank you. I appreciate it.
  • You are a very clever man. These songs are just what the world needs. Tell me, do you have a wife?
  • No, I haven't.
  • Why don't you have one?
  • I haven't found her.
  • Maybe you are too busy helping the others and you have no time to find her.
  • I am doing what I have to do. And I know it's a natural thing for a man to find a woman. I'm gonna find her at the right time. Don't worry about me.
  • Maybe you should make a song just for her, a song that when she hears it she knows it's you talking to her.
  • Maybe.
  • Come on young man, you deserve it. And I'm sure you will be stronger with her, and you will have the power you need to change the world. Because I know that a great man is not a great man without a great woman by his side. Because everyman needs a woman. Don't you know that?

That night, the man who knows everything put his new slippers on. The left one gave him a melody, and the right one the words. The old woman was right.

A different song knocked at his door that night. A song for the woman he still had to meet. A song for the woman of his life. He sang it for her, and not for the rest of the world.


He knew there was a woman running on the road who would listen to the song and somehow, as the shoemaker said, she will know that this song is talking to her.