When I woke up, I saw a girl talking to my parents, she came with a beautiful guitar in her hands. She was the first girl who had come out from the road. The first girl to make the darkness bright, and the first girl who's fire had stopped burning. She had realised how important music was in her life. She had been building herself with these songs. She had been building her dream. She had been building musical instruments to let these songs be played forever. That's what she loved. Listening to music. That's what she had to do. And the instruments she made were really beautiful. Like the guitar she was holding, that was special. She had made it specially for me. That was her gift. That was her way to say thank you to the music. For the moment, the man who knows everything was gonna be the one to play it, I still had to grow up a little bit.

The beginning of my life was actually the end of this story. Because now we arrive at the end of this story. Because now, we arrive at the beginning. Because the beginning and the end, they are the same. Because you cannot know the truth without burning the lies. Because you have to be wrong before being right. Because if you want to fly, you have to build your wings first, you have to try, you have to fall, you have to learn. Because one step comes after the other. Because one lesson comes after the other. Because one song comes after the other. And nothing could never finish without starting. Because everything is part of the same way. Because everything is part of your dream. Because now we are living our dream. And it has always been now, and everything is happening now. And the man who knows everything, is playing now.


He had played the first song on my guitar and the last song in this album. The thing is that you still could see some people running on the road. The girl was sad to see that they could not listen to the music.

  • Is there no song able to touch them?
  • Probably there is.
  • So, why don't you find it?
  • If we empty the road, we would empty the source of darkness in this world. And with no darkness there would be no light. So we must leave them running. There was too much darkness before, too many clouds, but now, you can see the light. Now there is balance in this world. The thing is that I don't feel like changing anything else. I'm quite happy now. When we look at the road we'll remember where we come from.
  • Is “now” the last of your songs then?
  • There are always more songs to come. Music, will never die.
  • I have something to say. In the name of this world, thank you for making the darkness bright, and thank you for all your songs.
  • A song will never be a song if nobody listens to it. Everyone of you made these songs real. You made my dream come true. That's why I have something to say too. In the name of music, thank you for listening.