Chapter TEN


Either if you are running on the road or you are not, we are all the same. And maybe that's one of the reasons why the next day, just during one song, everyone living on the road stopped running. Another reason, of course, was the song itself. And another reason, probably was the rain. Because it gave the title to the song, and every drop of rain was a note sent from the sky to the man who knows everything. And it made the melody as natural as the rain, as real as the rain, as beautiful as the rain. The song and the rain, the rain and the song, they were the same thing.

That's how a miracle was created. Everybody stopped running, and that was a miracle. That song was able to reach every single soul in the world. No matter how strong the interferences were, everybody liked that song, and everybody wanted to listen to it. Because the rain can reach everybody, because there's a drop of rain, a drop of truth for everyone of us. That's the message of the rain, nature is telling everybody that we are all the same, whatever we do, whatever we've done, whatever we believe, whatever we love, whatever we have, whatever we don't have, it don't matter if you are black or white, we are the same under the rain, and we all are gonna get wet. Nobody will escape from the rain. Nobody. Nobody.


It stopped raining and the music was finished. The music was finished and it stopped raining. I bet it was interesting to see how easily every human living on the road forgot about the truth. Maybe because they were not used to it. But as soon as it stopped touching them, they forgot it. As soon as the last drop of rain dried out from their bodies, they forgot it. As soon as the music stopped, they started running again.

The rain song was a miracle, a real contact with nature. But the miracle lasted as long as the song lasted, that's how it is, it cannot rain forever, because we all would get drawned.