The man who knows everything was lost. That's why both his princess and him, had to light a fire. But they came out from the road together and wanted to burn the fires together. And they did, they shared the fires, they burned the lies together. Because they loved each other, and that love made the fire grow as it had never happened before. That love was burning the lies really fast, as it had never happened before.

The fire met the fire, and they were burning for the desire to change the world. Because the princess and the man who knows everything were one. Because for the first time, the princess could do what she had to do. She was not born a princess for any reason, she was born a princess to do the best for her town, and having the point of view of a princess there's one thing that becomes very obvious: this world has to change. She always felt it, but for some reason she couldn't do anything.

The man who knows everything was lost for a while, but the love from the princess could find him again. And it didn't take too long, because he hadn't been there too long, because now her fire, was his fire, and her love, was his love.

So, his voice was getting stronger again. His princess was teaching him love. And his quiet heart was getting louder again. He could listen to it again and do what he loved. He was feeling ready to sing the songs to change the world. The princess put his slippers on, and said:

  • Come on my love. The show must go on.

The man who knows everything took his guitar, and slowly started to remember his songs. Started to remember those lessons from nature. And he learned again what he had forgotten. And that made him believe in his songs more than ever. He played them for his princess, he played them for himself and he played them for the rest of the world. That's how finally his princess could listen to those songs.

  • I'm very sorry you had to come into the road for me.
  • Don't be sorry, I saved you, but now you have saved me.
  • Listening to these songs I realise how hard the road must have been for you.
  • I was walking where everybody was running. If you walk on the road, they run over you.
  • What do you mean?
  • On the road there is a cult. It's called society. Everybody is being brainwashed, everybody is believing in the same thing. And there is no way for them to change.
  • What do they believe in?
  • They believe in the chain of distractions.
  • The chain of distractions?
  • You don't follow your heart, you do something you don't really love, you don't feel good, you feel bad, you need something to feel better, you use a distraction, you feel better, but it doesn't last, it just distracts you, then you feel worse, and you need more and more distractions. At the end, distractions become your life. And you live your life as a distraction.
  • It sounds familiar to me...
  • Distractions are meant to distract you, to disconnect you from your life. But to know how to disconnect properly, you have to be connected first. Connected with nature, connected with life. Otherwise, you can get lost.
  • Are they not connected on the road?
  • Nobody is connected with nature. Everybody has lost the connection with nature.
  • Why?
  • Because everybody is disconnected, because everybody is sick.
  • And what's the sickness?
  • Thinking is the sickness of this world. Because if you are thinking, you are not feeling. Because fears are thoughts, worries are thoughts, expectations are thoughts, prejudices, plans, pressures, rules, hurries, stress... all that is in your mind. All that is making your mind very busy, your life full of interferences, and it's really hard to listen to your heart. It's very hard to know what you love. It's very hard to feel good, and it's very hard to believe in any other thing but in the chain of distractions.
  • And why did it affect you?
  • Because on the road the energy of life is very low. And that was killing me.
  • Love?
  • Yes, love is there too, but it cannot be strong enough. The energy of life cannot flow properly, because nothing flows on the road, because their hearts are not connected, and love has no way to go through. Love becomes too weak because the interferences are too strong. Love can just keep their hearts beating, can just keep them alive, nothing else. Because everybody is sick there, everybody is lost, and nobody is doing what they love, because they don't love life, because they don't know what love is.
  • And then you got lost.
  • Yes, I got lost. But something happened. Finally, I found you. Finally love, found me. And then, for just one song the energy of life started to flow as it never had before, and my heart was beating as it never had before, and the interferences became very small, and I could do what I was meant to do.
  • And you sang that song. And that song was enough, that song let me free. Free with you, and free with me.

The man who knows everything was connected again. He could receive his songs again. He was feeling good again. Strong. He could see that if we can be lost it's because we can be found. He just found a new song. He played it for his princess and for the rest of the world.


Everybody running on the road had been young at sometime. All them had been connected at sometime. They were born, and they were found, they were ruled and they were lost. But the lost song gave them hope. It gave them a little bit of truth. And made them remember those days when the world was so sweet and distractions did not win. But nobody stopped running. Nobody came off the road after that song. Although something did change. They were running slower.

Humans need to loose something to realise how precious it is. Because loosing something is actually the only way to find out what you have. Because if you always have fears, fears become the normal thing. And if you always have the truth, truth becomes the normal thing. The man who knows everything was a human too, and he had to lose the truth to find out what it was.