Chapter THREE


Next morning, an unusual sound woke up the man who knows everything: it was the sound of thousands of little voices shouting and laughing. It was the sound that children make when they play, actually the sound of most of the children of the world. They had gone out from the road too.

He opened his eyes and saw all those children playing under the light of the sun. He opened his eyes, then he saw all those little fires burning around. They were burning different things, they were different fires: Fires of hurries, fires of pressures, fires of expectations, fires of rules, fires of plans, fires of competition, fires of goals... fires of all those things that children have to grow up with and become something normal in their life when they are adults.

Luckly, they had been running on the road for a short time, that's why it was easier for them to stop. That's why they could listen to the music. They didn't have a lot of things to burn, but a lot of things to learn.

The wind was blowing, the fires were burning and the man who knows everything was singing a new song. He was singing for the children, and for the rest of the world.


All the children were sitting down under the tree. They were listening to those words that sounded so good with the melody, inspite of not really understanding. That's why they said:

  • But i'm not a seed.
  • Yes. And we are not rabbits, we are children!
  • I'm not a bee working for any queen...

The man who knows everything got down from the tree and spoke very gently to them.

  • Songs are poetry my friends, and poetry is saying something in a beautiful way. I can say “the sound of children playing woke me up” or I can say “the sound of happiness woke me up”. I know you are not seeds and I know you are not rabbits, you run fast, but not fast enough to be rabbits. The words I sing are lessons from nature, the place where you'll find the most beautiful things in the world, like the stars that shine in the sky of the night.
  • Is the road part of nature? -asked a little girl
  • The road is everyhting but nature, I understand you still don't know what poetry is, you come from a place made of concrete. It's very hard to learn poetry there.
  • Are we gonna learn poetry here?
  • Yes, you are gonna learn poetry here because here is nature. And there's nothing else but poetry, there's nothing else but beauty, and there's nothing else but music.
  • And did you make up that song?
  • Yes.
  • What is it called?
  • It's called “There's a song for you”.
  • And what does it mean?
  • Like the bees, the waves of the sea, the wind that blows, the seeds that grow, the rabbit that runs and the fire that burns, you children are part of nature too. You are another piece of this world. You are very young human beings. Bees, work for the queen because that's their nature, that's why they are born, in the same way that the rabbit was born to run. And in the same way that the wind needs to blow and the rain needs to fall, I need to sing my songs to the world, that's why i'm here, that's what I want to do, that's my song, that's my dream, that's my nature. And you just have to listen to your song to know why you are here. Don't you have a doubt that there's a song for you, because there's a song for everybody, because everybody is here for some reason. That's the title of the song, there's a song for you, there's a meaning to your life. Because if you are alive, you have to live your life. And you will live your life when you are feeling alive, when you are doing what you really want to do, that thing that gives meaning to your life.
  • I still don't know what I want to do.
  • You just have to listen to your song. There is no pressure, this is not another competition, and there is no hurry.
  • If there's a song for me, who is gonna sing it? Is it you?
  • No, it's not me. But I know who is gonna do it.
  • Who!?
  • Fairies will.