Chapter TWELVE


Suddenly, his heart told him to look at the road. Then, the man who knows everything saw her. He saw the woman who was meant to be walking with his slippers through his mornings. He saw her running on the road, and he just knew. But she could not listen to the music at all. And there was a reason for that.

She was a princess. One of the girls with more interferences living on the road. Because the more important you are on the road, the more difficult is the way to get to your nature. Because you have more walls to break, more possessions to leave, and more lies to ignore. Because you are living in such a high place that it's too scary to look down. Because the crown is too heavy. Because songs are just distractions and distractions are just songs.

He understood why she hadn't come out before, and he understood that she was never gonna do it. Something had to change. So, he decided to change, he decided to do something crazy, something that somebody just could do for love. He was gonna rescue her. He was gonna go onto the road.

He just stepped in, and that was it, he was gone. And since the moment he got in until the moment he got out, there's nothing I can tell. Nothing but one song. A song of freedom. A strong song that he sang in the road, a song that you could hear from everywhere. Because love, is everywhere.


He was singing, the wind was blowing. And the wind was getting stronger and stronger. When the song was finished, the wind was so strong that it could push anybody who was listening out from the road. And that's what happened, lots of lovers got out from the road that day. And the man who knows everything. And his princess.

But there was something strange. The man who knows everything didn't look like the same man. He was changed. He used to be fit, but he was fat. He used to look young, but he was looking old. He used to have curly hair but the curls were gone. His strong voice became weak.
He used to be healthy, but he was sick. Something had happened there. The man who knows everything had found his love, but he had to pay a price. The man who knows everything had lost himself.