Chapter TWO


The man who knows everything had been playing the song for nights and days, like a good game that you don't want it to end. But nothing happened. There were no answers, no signals from the stars.

The night was very dark. He was singing the song one more time, but the stars were hiding behind the clouds, it seemed like nobody was listening to him, neither from the road nor from the sky. But it was not like that. Suddenly, somebody said:

  • How are you gonna do it?
    How are you gonna make the darkness bright?

That was the voice of a girl. A girl who had gone out from the road. It was too dark to see her, but he could listen to her voice, he could feel how special she was: the most sensitive girl on the road. That's why she had been the first one to get out.

And her question, was an answer for him, the answer from the stars: he was gonna change the world with music. Because it had been his song that made her stop and get out from the road. Because when you speak music it is your soul who is speaking, and all the souls of the world can understand you. Because music, is the way to connect one soul with another soul. Even your soul with the eternal soul of the stars, mountains, trees, animals, and everyone running under his feet.

How are you gonna make the darkness bright?”. He had the perfect answer to her question. But it was not an answer that he could say, it was an answer to be sang. Like firewood, some notes and some words lit the fire of another song. A song that he played for her, and for the rest of the world.


  • You know? -said the girl- What you sing in this song is a feeling that I had most of the time. I had the feeling that I was not doing what I had to do, and now I hear this song, and now I know it's true. Sometimes you need to hear things from other voices to know you are not crazy.
  • I know, sometimes it's hard to know who is the crazy one down there. -said the man who knows everything. Then, he got down from the tree- Remember when you were a child? Eveything was easier, wasn't it? I'll tell you something, that was the time of your life when you were living your life, you just did what you wanted to do, you were wise. But then, you started to listen to everything around you but the only thing you had to listen to. You grew up as everybody wanted you to grow up. You learned that life is like a race, and then, you started running.
  • That's interesting, because now is the first time for many, many years, that I don't feel hurry anymore.

Suddenly, a small fire was burning in front of them, it was very small, but bright enough to let them see each other. Then, the man who knows everything said:

  • It is your hurry that is burning right there. This is your fire. You have started to burn those things that are not from you, those things you don't need. Now we can see each other. Now darkness, starts to be bright.
  • What else should I put on the fire?
  • Now you are losing your hurry, so you'll have time to recognize all those ideas that are not from you but from the road, all those words, numbers, lessons...
  • And what is gonna happen if someday I get to burn everything?
  • You will be free from everything you don't need and as the song says, you will feel yourself, you will be born again. But your fire will burn for a long time, because you've been running for a long time. It doesn't matter, you are not in a hurry.
  • Please, play the song again.
  • Light a fire?
  • Yes, and the first one too, I think the world needs to hear your melodies, your words... and so do I.

He climbed the tree and played them again. This time, his voice was stronger.